In many roles throughout my professional life I have had the opportunity to work with great people and I have made many friends along the way. Some of them were so kind as to write a little someting about me. Below I have displayed a selection of some of their comments on me and my work. For more recommendations, please see my Linkedin profile.



I’ve had the pleasure to work with Martijn for over three years in various projects. Martijn is an all-rounder with a broad skillset and a real team player. In the past 1,5 year he was responsible to set up the team, the plan and the tools for the migration of the complex ABN AMRO’s windows based application set to a standardised cloud-ready environment. With his broad technical background, his structured approach and his excellent communication skills, the team managed to successfully migrate over 50 applications. — Jan Maarten de Klein
Martijn is a project manager with strong analytical, verbal and social skills. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and is a very dedicated person. He has the ability to analyse complex problems and translate these in a clear and to the point plan. — Rogier Roelofs


With Martijn’s participation we managed to succesfully implement a Project Management Office at the IT department of Medisch Centrum Alkmaar and Gemini Den Helder. It required strong leadership, specific and wide IT knowledge, analytical skills, people management experience and most important an open and flexible attitude to achieve our goals. Martijn is a true professional, mastering various roles like Project Manager, Interim Manager, IT nerd, and People Manager. — Rutger Briet




Martijn is very strong in problem analysis and solutioning of complex problems and able to easily understand the client requirements which then can be translated into an action plan. He has demonstrated a high degree of dedication, going for the extra mile, with a major focus on customer satisfaction. He is a very social person and definitely someone that I would like to have on my team. — Amir A Attari
Martijn is an experienced People Manager. He can empathize with your situation and guide you to solutions for issues you might experience, and motivate you to further develop your ideas and skills while doing so. Using his extensive management experience, Martijn can accurately find the middle ground between the goals of the organization and the employee. He has a positive attitude and gives constructive feedback.
— Alexander Belgraver


Martijn had a good rapport with the business and was focussed on delivering quality results. — Kate Adcock




Martijn can manage complex IT infrastructure architectures. Great project manager with strong IT and social skills. Knows how to handle delicate political complex situations. — Pascal Greuter